Ivette Li-Sanchez

Drama - Moments (Short) ~ Seductive lady getting things steamy. Words are overrated. With Daniel Thomas May.

Director: Vandon Gibbs

Cinematographer: Robert Halliday Jr.

When prices are hidden, you can essentially set the price as high as you'd like. No one would know, right? It's absurd, but unfortunately, this is the way pharmaceutical companies set prices for their life-saving pneumonia vaccines. Promo for Doctors Without Borders.

Happily surprised to see Patricia Janiot and Fernando del Rincon in my living room for this CNN in Spanish promo for Fuentes Confiables.

Suspense - Spiderhead (Short) ~ A troubled woman worried about the sanity of her younger sister, looks for help at her own session with a psychiatrist.
Director: Steven O'Brian
Cinematographer: Austin Stilllwell

Rooms To Go Hispanic

Self-absorbed woman dismissing a young skater boy gets immediate a pay back. Pretend it didn’t happen! Promo for Northpoint Church.

Rooms to Go in Spanish Spot. “Every Room Starts Empty” with Christopher Bencomo. After opening, click on the lower right corner for HD settings and select 720p HD for better quality.

Commercial Footage

Theatrical Footage

Supernatural Drama - Constantine (TV) ~ Sweet, naive new mom, celebrating her baby, is unaware of the dark turn her future is about to take... Some screaming involved. With José Pablo Cantillo and Claire van der Boom.

Director: TJ Scott

Cinematographer: Scott Kevan