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Ivette Li-Sanchez Houghton Talent Profile

Ivette Li-Sanchez ~SAG-AFTRA

Free spirit + organized mind = awkwardly gentle. I’ll babysit your kids and your pets -and they’ll love me-, but don’t be fooled by my sweetness, I’m feisty and will call you out if I think that you need it, I’ll try to do it discreetly to avoid embarrassing you...

I am a film, TV and commercial actress based in Atlanta, GA, since 2009. I'm the middle child of three girls, even though I have an identical twin...

When I'm not acting you can find me organizing my schedule to fit in all that I love to do: drinking coffee, chatting with my mom, studying to get my second degree title for Fashion Design (psst... my first degree is a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, I can handle Erlenmeyer flasks and  and test tubes easily...), reading, walking in the woods, watching movies and TV shows, and petting all the dogs that cross my path... ALL OF THEM (hope it doesn’t annoy you).